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Bonding via insurance

Bonding is recognised by the UK travel industry regulatory authorities as an effective means of providing consumer protection. There are a number of specialist bond underwriters issuing travel bonds, and our policy is to obtain the most appropriate quotation for the risk. 

Who can benefit

Small Companies, New Companies, Large Travel Organisers, Management Buy Outs… Here at we tailor cover to suit your needs. We have the expertise to help you on your journey to acquiring a travel bond to enable a safe passage for compliant licensing. 

3 steps to bonding

Our records show that more than 90% of our clients renew with us each year, and we believe that part of our broking success is as a result of the personal interest we take in getting to know our clients and how their businesses operate.

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We can arrange all of the bonds normally required by the travel industry, including:
ABTOT Financial Protection